IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 19

    COLLABORATE 19 - IOUG Forum Virtual Conference

    Can’t make it to COLLABORATE this year but still need to access user-focused education on Oracle technologies? Join us for the IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 19, a virtual group training approach that offers your organization more than 30 sessions of focused training to meet your organization's business needs at a cost-effective price. 

    For $199, IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 19 attendees will be able to choose to attend sessions from selected tracks. You will be able to watch the webinars and receive the recordings. The $295 bonus package will give you an additional set of recordings captured from other tracks of the live event in San Antonio. View the agenda!

    Virtually participate in live sessions led by Oracle expert users, consultants and key engineers and even ask questions of the speakers as if you were in the room!

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    What the IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 19 Means for Your Organization

    • Group training* that provides your team with an unlimited number of seats to access the best in Oracle education without the associated travel and lodging expenses of physically attending the conference in San Antonio
    • Virtual interaction with a wide range of speakers and subject matter experts
    • Selection of over 30 sessions of live, quality streaming content (selected by popular choice) that run concurrently throughout the main event
    • Unlimited on-demand access to the recorded video/audio proceedings after the event is over

     * While group set-up provides the highest return on investment, virtual access can also be set-up at the individual level.

    How It Works

    • Register for your group seat license.
    • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation along with detailed instructions on virtual set-up.
    • Any time before the event, you and/or your team member(s) select the session curriculum from the virtual program.**
    • While you and/or your team member(s) can access the virtual program individually, it is recommended that you reserve a conference room or specific location prior to the event for the highest return on investment and engagement among the team. 

      ** Note: Sessions range from 30-minute and one-hour sessions.


    *times are listed in Central Standard Time

    Monday, April 8

    Track 1 Track 2
    9:15 - 10:15am How To Do Impossible "Log File Sync" Performance Analysis With ASH Data
    Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.
    Best Practices for Virtualizing Oracle RAC with VMware Cloud on AWS
    Osama Mustafa, Gurus Solutions
    10:30-11:30am Oracle OCI :: Best Practice and Guidance to Create Compartments,Provision User's,Networks and Security 
    Arun Kumar Anthireyan, BIAS Corporation
    12:00-12:30pm Provisioning Oracle test environments made simple using Vagrant
    Simon Pane, Pythian
    All I need to know about Oracle's Fusion Middleware SOA suite
    Aleksei Kazantsev, Royal Collge
    3:15-4:15pm Scale-Up Your Use of the Advisor Framework
    Roger Cornejo, GlaxoSmithKline
    Achieving Massive Scalability And Total Fault Isolation Through Oracle Sharding
    Kai Yu, Dell EMC
    4:30-5:30pm What's New in Oracle Database 19c
    William Hardie, Oracle
    The three fundamental principles of real-time Oracle database replication
    Mike Donovan, Dbvisit Software

    Tuesday, April 9

    Track 1 Track 2
    10:30-11:30am Using Python With Oracle Database
    Osama Mustafa, Gurus Solutions
    1,2,3 and Done! 3 easy ways to migrate to the cloud V2.0
    Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Data Intensity
    12:00-12:30pm Scale Out -- Replication Using Master-Slave in MySQL
    Nisha Riyaj, UCI
    Proving out Flash Storage Array Performance
    Kapil Goyal, Fidelity Investments
    12:45-1:45pm Oracle Database 19c: Top 10 Features for Agile Development
    Erik Benner, Mythics
    2:00-3:00pm Top 10 Ways To Totally Mess Up An AWR Analysis
    Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.
    Practical guide to Oracle Virtual environments
    Nelson Calero, The Pythian Group
    4:30-5:30pm How To Use ASH And Idle Wait Events To Prove The Problem Is Not The Database
    Craig Shallahamer, OraPub, Inc.
    Best practices for MAA using Oracle RAC and Data Guard
    Anil Nair, Nair, Oracle Corp

    Wednesday, April 10

    Track 1 Track 2
    8:00-9:00am Accelerate Your Applications with Server Result Cache
    Michael Haynes, Nationwide
    How Oracle Autonomous Database Makes Your Life Easier - Behind the Scenes
    Navita Sood, Oracle
    9:15 - 10:15am Oracle Core: Database I/O
    Martin Klier, Performing Databases GmbH
    10:30-11:30am SQL Tuning: Undocumented Secrets for Getting Accurate Cardinalities
    Kaley Crum, ABC Financial Services
    DBA 101: Multitenant for beginners
    Anuj Mohan, Data Intensity
    12:00-12:30pm All you need to know about Backup and Recovery
    Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Data Intensity
    12:45-1:45pm YOUR machine and MY database - a performing relationship!? (2019 edition)
    Martin Klier, Performing Databases GmbH
    Agile for Data Science Teams
    Michelle Hardwick, Salt Lake Community College
    2:00-3:00pm Hacking an Oracle Database and How to Prevent It
    Stephen Kost, Integrigy Corporation
    Oracle Database Sharding - Architecture and Concepts
    Sridhar Avantsa, Rolta AdvizeX
    4:30-5:30pm Introducing Oracle Database 19c
    Sean Stacey, Oracle
    Practical Algorithm Analysis for Oracle Developers
    Jon Heller, Ventech Solutions

    Thursday, April 11

    Track 1 Track 2
    8:00-9:00am Performance Diagnostics and Tuning with and without your DBA
    Sean Stuber, American Electric Power
    No Outages: Tips for Maintenance with No User Impact
    Carol Colrain, ORACLE
    9:15-10:15am TBA TBA
    10:30-11:30am An Airline Pilot, A Urologist, and a DBA Walk Into a Bar: Thinking Like a Professional
    James Czuprynski, Viscosity NA






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