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    COLLABORATE delivers the year’s best line-up of user-driven education for Oracle technology professionals. It is expected that nearly 1,250 sessions will comprise the educational program, which is coordinated through the combined reach, connections and expertise of the IOUG, OAUG and Quest user communities.

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    Application Upgrades

    The Applications Upgrades track includes sessions that apply to all the Oracle applications product lines, including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, and others. Whether you are upgrading your entire ERP or a single module, this track will cover all of the ins and outs to make it as seamless and effective as possible. 

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    Asset Lifecycle Management

    Organizations are realizing significant cost savings and improved planning capabilities through integration of the entire asset lifecycle. From sourcing and procurement through capitalization, financial and operations management and write-off, out-of-the-box enterprise integration links all business functions for complete asset visibility and control.

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    Architecture, Big Data & Cloud

    Track sponsored by: Nutanix

    Learn how organizations are using Big Data to transform their operations and sustain their competitive advantage, and are addressing the challenges of managing rapid growth for data storage and availability. Hear how other users are proactively using customer data to create opportunities, what Big Data means for your industry, and what the considerations are for rapid data growth, accessibility and reliability mean for your data center.

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    Enterprise Performance Management/Business Intelligence

    Enabling organizations to function more efficiently and make better decisions is more than just designing and knowing to use analytics, but also implementing a combined solution with business processes and knowledge as well as architecture of tools and database solutions. BI and analytics are about better decision making and supporting an organization's competitive edge. This track examines how analytics, warehousing and EPM function together enable these solutions and assist companies in making the right decisions.

    Key Topics:

    • Business Analytics
    • Process and Practices
    • Tools
    • Data Quality
    • External Content
    • Organizational Change
    • Unstructured Data

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    C-Level Development

    It takes more vision, more innovation and more direction than ever for executives to surmount the challenges in today’s economy. Yet despite what you may read in the financial pages, there is a cause for optimism in today’s business climate. This track provides the inspiration and know-how you need to rediscover the value of business fundamentals while continuing to investigate the new systems, processes, strategies, and markets.

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    Customer Relationship Management

    The customer is always right, so you need to be right about your customers. Creating profitable, loyal customers is the ultimate goal of customer relationship management (CRM) — customers who will continue to buy from you when a competitive alternative exists. Gain insight and guidance from your peers who are setting the standard for customer-centric business transformations.

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    The Oracle relational database continues to evolve to include more new features, and as a result, has become even more complicated. On top of all the daily challenges of maintaining a high performance database, now you have to be sure the data are available 24×7 and compatible with other systems. This track is designed to provide DBAs of every experience level and industry with the tools to productively and creatively administer your data. 

    Key Topics:

    • Database Consolidation
    • Database Performance and Scalability
    • Database Security
    • High Availability and Database Protection
    • Upgrades

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    Development Tools and Strategies

    Working in application development means learning an alphabet soup of languages and performing a balancing act between Web-based, wireless and client/server applications. What will give you the edge to create successful applications? Do you use the Oracle suite of tools, or do you need to look for something that you can integrate? And how will your applications be used? With wireless technology? Through a portal? Will your forms and reports be used on an intranet or on the Internet? This track covers the topics that surround the development and deployment of your applications.

    Key Topics:

    • Application Integration
    • Connectivity
    • Data Programming
    • Frameworks
    • Testing and Quality Assurance
    • Tools and Technology
    • Web Development

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    Engineered Systems

    High performance is key, but software and hardware conflicts can sap your speed. Maybe it’s time to consider Engineered Systems, and take advantage of a pre-integrated solution with some serious power. Learn how to optimize your database performance, decrease your time to production and reduce your overall costs with the family of products within this track.  

    Key Topics:

    • Exadata
    • Exalytics
    • Exalogic
    • SPARC SuperCluster
    • ZFS Storage Appliance
    • Oracle Database Appliance
    • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance
    • Big Data Appliance

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    The Financial Module track provides the regimen needed to maintain the health and well-being of an organization. This track covers the systems and processes that enable efficient operations and support strong internal financial controls.

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    Human Capital Management

    In the face of brutal competition, leaders must drive superior levels of efficiency and performance throughout their operations. Human Capital Management (HCM) is not just about compliance and tracking data. This track discusses how HCM can be employed to improve workforce performance to drive top line financial results and covers HCM processes ranging the hire to retire and ways to improve operating efficiencies and bottom line performance.

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    Infrastructure, Middleware & Manageability

    Your systems get more complex every day, between increased demand on resources, real time monitoring considerations, and integration between all the layers of your stack.  Learn from Oracle experts on their experience keeping an eye on all aspects of your environment through manageability middleware tools. Sessions will include topics like:application servers, data integration, enterprise management, identity management, service-oriented architecture, storage considerations, WebCenter, WebLogic and more.

    Key Topics:

    • Application Servers
    • Data Integration
    • Identity Management
    • SOA/BPM
    • WebCenter
    • Enterprise Manager
    • Storage

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    Professional Development

    It’s not enough these days to just know how to tune a database or build a Web page. You need to have all the skills to stand out in the sea of IT professionals and to move ahead. Skills like risk analysis, project management, determining return on investment, resolving conflicts and team building are just as valuable in the work place. This focus area highlights the other professional and personal skills you need to get ahead and to advance your career.

    Key Topics:

    • Attracting and Retaining Professionals
    • Certification
    • C-Level Development
    • Communication Skills
    • Mentoring
    • Project Management
    • Risk Analysis
    • Team Building
    • Training

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    Project Portfolio Management

    Learn about applications that enable organizations to plan, select and manage projects and programs across the enterprise. Whether in IT, delivering professional services, constructing a bridge, launching a global advertising campaign or driving efficiencies around business processes, today more than ever, project portfolio management (PPM) is at the very core of business operations. This focus area will help you leverage PPM into strategic advantage via visibility and control into all stages of the project lifecycle and by driving transparency into business decisions.

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    Security, Governance & Master Data Management

    Security Risk and Compliance is not just about business controls that legislation requires. It makes sound business sense to protect your reputation, remain competitive, ensure your staff follows your business processes and control your business finances, in addition to any legislation or industry requirements. Follow this track if you are affected by government regulations or industry requirements, you want to improve your management of business risk and enable your organization to operate more effectively, or you have to ensure the quality of your master data.

    Key Topics:

    • Identity Management
    • MDM Hubs
    • Data Management and Governance
    • Data Quality
    • Data Security
    • Enterprise Security

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    Supply Chain

    When a performance-driven approach is applied to a manufacturing-based enterprise, an effective, streamlined supply chain takes center stage. These enterprises focus on performance-enhancing initiatives that let them reduce inventories and operational costs and improve customer service through better, timelier product availability. Such near-flawless execution is a result of having crystal-clear visibility into the supply chain to identify problems early and make real-time adjustments to supply chain processes.

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    User Experience and Mobile

    User expectations have increased dramatically when it comes to making sure that they have 24/7, intuitive and customizable access to their information; how can you ensure you are meeting their extensive "want" lists? Sessions in this track will focus on providing a complete approach to user experience, including your enterprise mobile solution(s). Topics include design philosophy, and building or customizing your application and cloud UX.

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