IOUG Strategic Leadership Program

    Get strategic with the IOUG community! The IOUG Strategic Leadership Program is geared towards the senior DBA, IT manager and seasoned professional interested in getting a seat at the table with senior IT management discussing corporate strategy.  Expect to refine and improve your skills at influencing without authority, present business cases and help develop business solutions for your company.

    This program is reserved for COLLABORATE 14 - IOUG Forum attendees. All seats are currently reserved. Please come to each session to be placed on waiting list. 


    Tuesday, April 8

    Level 3, Toscana 3710

    10:15AM - 12:30PM

    Tech Talks: Finding Your Inner Leader – Developing Leadership in IT
    Session #000 

    Maria Anderson, Group Lead, I.S. Project Office, Encana 
    John Matelski, CIO, Dekalb County Government
    Carolyn Dolezal, EVP & Chief Executive Technology Industry Practice, SmithBucklin
    Rich Niemiec, CEO, TUSC 

    IOUG’s exclusive Strategic Leadership begins with a series of “Tech Talks” featuring notable industry leaders who will be focused on the topic pf finding your inner leader and developing leadership skills within IT. Each presenter will be giving a 20 minute presentation on topics like woman and leadership in IT, building your brand, leadership is not a title and how to find success, followed by questions and interaction from the attendees. This is an interactive session that allows attendees to look within their own careers and see how they can build upon their successes and address the challenges they face to become a leader.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Discover how to “practice leadership” instead of focus on a title.
    2. Learn how what important skills women can build in order to develop their careers within technology.
    3. Explore the career path of a prominent voice in technology

    10:15 – 10:45AM: Improving Your Work Perspective
    Presenter: Maria Anderson, Encana

    Whether you love your job, or you hate your job, or are somewhere in between, there are always areas for improvement and things that we should be focusing on.  Here are 3 key things that we should all be focusing on to prepare for the future: 

    • Finding the right balance – don’t let work take over your whole life
    • Leading and managing yourself (the skills of leadership and management aren’t for managers only)
    • Self-evaluation – what can you really do to improve, where do you need to focus, and where you need to further leverage your strengths

    Information sharing for these areas – what works and what doesn’t – will benefit all of us.

    10:45 – 11:15AM: Rising through the Ranks – Leadership is Not About a Title
    Presenter: John Matelski, Dekalb County Government

    Position, title and authority are often confused with leadership. The best leaders don’t lead from position or authority. Leadership is not an actual position or title. Whether you’re the president of a country, a “C-Level” executive, an up and coming manager, or a team leader - your title will not make you a leader. Too many of us incorrectly talk about “the leadership” referring to the senior executives in an organization. Leadership does not just automatically happen when you reach a specific position, pay grade or level of seniority.  The reality is that leadership is about freedom. It’s the decision to accept personal responsibility to bring about positive change. It’s a choice that we all need to make and it’s more important that we ask ourselves “am I practicing leadership?”, rather than asking “am I the leader?” This session will talk about techniques and personal successes that may help enable a leadership path for you within your organization.

    11:30AM – 12:00PM: All about “ME”—what is personal branding and how can it work for me?
    Carolyn Dolezal, SmithBucklin

    In a competitive world, the concept of ‘personal branding” is worth exploring to help you get clarity on what makes you unique, and how you can best communicate that to others.  Whether you know it or not, if “YOU” don’t stand for something, you will stand for nothing.

    12:00 - 12:30PM: Move Your Career from Tech to Leader!
    Rich Niemiec, ROLTA 

    This presentation will focus on how to become the right person for a leadership position no matter where you work.  What's important now and how you prepare for technology acceleration. We'll look at how TUSC leaders went from idea to entrepreneurs.  We'll also look at what's important next and how to prepare for the next wave of technology.






    1:45PM - 3:15PM

    Diversity – Learning to Adapt to a Changing Workplace Landscape Panel
    Session #001 

    Michael Rosenblum, Software architect/Development DBA, Dulcian Inc.
    Andy FlowerManaging Director, Right Triangle Consulting
    Michelle Kolbe, BI Engineer,
    Arup Nanda, Director, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
    Todd SheetzPrincipal Sales Consultant, Oracle

    How do you work with your co-workers internationally, remotely or even in your own office? As you’re your workplace advances make sure you are moving with it and not being left behind. In the 21st century it is becoming more common for IT teams to work across time zones, continents and cultures. Our panel will focus on how to communicate effectively with your team members and how to apply culturally sensitivity. Learn how to take a leadership role in your relationships with your colleagues have them be worlds, offices or just cubicles away.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Learn how to gain and apply cultural sensitivity.
    2. Principles of effective communication.
    3. How to adapt your work skills when working with team members remotely.


    Kolbe my picture.jpg andy_flower.jpg
    Todd.jpg arup.jpg


    4:15PM - 5:15PM

    Managing the Social Responsibility Challenges of Analytics in 21st Century Organizations          
    Session #002   
    Tim Vlamis, Business Catalyst, Oracle Data Scientist, Educator , Vlamis Software Solutions

    Join Business Intelligence guru Tim Vlamis to walk through some of the challenges organizations are wrestling with implementing powerful new data mining and advanced analytics tools in today's dynamic business environment. Not only do organizations face the need to hire or to train personnel who understand the complexities of algorithms and analytical methodologies, but they also need to address serious ethical concerns regarding questions of customers' privacy rights and other "social stakeholders".

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Evaluate specific public cases of analytics and corporate America.
    2. Discuss responsibilities in decision making when using new "big data".
    3. Review challenges of gathering big data on customers, suppliers, employees, and others.
    tim vlamis 2010 pic.jpg



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