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    Thank you for participating in the IOUG Forum at COLLABORATE 17, Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle User Community. This unique, co-located event, presented by IOUG, OAUG and Quest, will take place April 2-6, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. It is you, the speakers, who will make the IOUG Forum at COLLABORATE 17 a premier educational experience for Oracle Professionals. In preparing for the conference, use this page to help guide you along the way. If you have any questions at any time, do not hesitate to contact your Track Manager, the Speaker Mentor, or staff.

    We look forward to meeting you soon in Las Vegas!
    Ray Smith
    IOUG Director of Education

    Gary Gordhamer
    COLLABORATE 17 – IOUG Forum Conference Chair

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    Important Deadlines / Dates

    October 7, 2016 
    ------> Deadline to submit abstracts for consideration

    Mid Novemer 2016 ------------> Notification of session acceptances sent

    February 15, 2017 -------------> Speaker Orientation Webcast

    February 20, 2017 ---------> Presentations due  [ download ppt template ]

    April 2-6, 2017 -----------------------> COLLABORATE 17 – IOUG Forum


    Speaker Registration & Housing

    Speaker Registration

    Below is the registration compensation for the various types of sessions for the primary speaker only. This registration will allow you to attend all sessions from all groups, IOUG, OAUG and Quest.
    Registration details will be sent after your required presentations materials are received.
     Presentation (1 Hour)  1 Full Complimentary Registration (non-transferable)
     Case Study (1-hour)  1 Full Complimentary Registration (non-transferable)
     Hands-on Lab (2 hours)  2 Full Complimentary Registrations (non-transferable)
     Panels (1-hour)  Speaker Gift
     Debate (1-hour)  Speaker Gift
     Quick Tips (30 min)  50% discount off early-bird registration rate
     Pre-Conference Workshop (5 hours)  Outlined in separate agreement

    * You must be registered 2 weeks prior to the conference or your session will be cancelled.

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    Housing Information

    All speakers are responsible for their own housing and travel. 

    For COLLABORATE 17, all speakers who are receiving a complimentary registration will need to book their hotel stay in one of the official conference hotels. You’ll receive competitive room night rates in Las Vegas, you'll stay close to all COLLABORATE education and networking events and receive registration support from the COLLABORATE team. By booking within the COLLABORATE hotel blocks you help to offset event costs. This allows us to invest registration dollars in additional offerings at the event . If you choose to stay somewhere else, there will be a $200 administration fee.

    You will need your Hotel Acknowledgement Number when registering for the conference.

    Oracle Speakers:  A link will be provided in January to book your housing.
    Cut-off date for rooms at group rate: TBD
    Hotel rooms should be booked before registering for the conference in order to receive the $200 registration discount
    Local attendees: A COLLABORATE 17 hotel rooming block exemption is applicable to an attendee whose business address is within selected zip code areas in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. Qualifying attendees are exempt from having to stay at a COLLABORATE hotel in order to receive the $200 discount on their conference registration. The conference registration system will automatically detect a qualifying zip code.

    In place of a Hotel Acknowledgement Number, you will need to enter your zip code when registering. 

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    Presentation Guidelines/ Requirements [Download PPT here]

    Presentation - Due February 20, 2017

    We require that all speakers upload their presentations to the IOUG Website with the exception of speakers presenting panel sessions. All presentations are due on February 20, 2017. Because your presentation is reviewed by your Track Manager after this date, no exceptions can be made.

    Presentation Guidelines:

    • Utilize the IOUG Presentation template as a guideline for the format and content of your presentation

    • Must be of educational nature, and may not be used to promote products or services.

    • Must be uploaded and named using the following naming convention: 2016_session#_surname_ppt.ppt (i.e., 2016_238_Doe_ppt.ppt)

    General Suggestions:

    Use text sparingly: Keep your points in a short, concise, outline form. This will inform the audience about the topic and will also help you remember your key points for discussion. There is no real need to write in full sentences, as this will unnecessarily clutter your slides. Use actions keywords to point out the important topics of your discussion.

    • Wording should be clear and legible: Make sure your font selections can be read by all participants in your session. Text should be large enough to be legible from all areas of the room. Slides should have not more than five bullets and each bullet should be no longer than two lines.

    Slide titles: Keep your slide titles to one or two lines.

    Number of slides: A typical rule-of-thumb is to have one slide for each 1.5 to 2 minutes of the speaker portion of your presentation (not including the Q&A time). Stick to one topic per slide. You can have multiple slides per topic. In this case, the same title should be used on the each slide, with the word ‘cont'd' at the end of the title in all instances after the first use.

    Visually appealing: Use other sources of information besides text in your presentation. Pictures and visual effects can add to the attractiveness of a presentation if used correctly. However, be careful that those tools don't override the information you are trying to convey.

    Colors: Do not use more than four colors in your presentation. Avoid red letters, which are difficult for some people to read. The best readability comes with high contrast of intensity rather than by clashes of color.

    Alignment: All type is upper and lower case, flush left, ragged right.

    Consistent throughout presentation: Be consistent in presenting information in an organized, logical manner.

    Spell check!

    If you have additional questions about presentation guidelines or suggestions, please contact the Reviewers for your track. Reference the Conference Committee Contacts List below.

    Optional Technical White Paper- Due February 20, 2017 [Download Template Here]

    Please view the white paper guidelines before starting on your paper. Technical white papers are optional for all lecture and case study sessions. If you decide to submit a white paper, please do so by February 20, 2017. Because all papers are reviewed by the Content Managers, no extensions will be given. Your white paper should contain technical content directed at the target audience for your session. Since these papers will be referenced after the conference, selected reference information from your proposal must be included.

    Each technical white paper should contain the following sections:

    • Abstract

    • Target Audience - be specific

    • Executive Summary - 1-3 paragraphs summarizing the paper and presentation; restate the learning objectives from your conference submittal as solutions provided by the paper.

    • Background - briefly describe the situation and technical considerations addressed. Keep the target audience firmly in mind.

    • Technical Discussions and Examples - detailed technical information, code excerpts and examples.

    • Appendices - optional supporting information such as scripts or related details.

    • References

    White Paper Format:

    • Must be formatted using the IOUG White Paper template. The number of pages to your paper is not limited. Please make sure to update the header and footer of your paper.

    • Must be of educational nature, and may not be used to promote products or services.

    • Must be uploaded and named using the following naming convention: 2016_session#_surname_ppr.doc (i.e., 2016_238_Doe_ppr.doc)

    Upload Instructions:

    1. Go to http://www.ioug.org/ and log in to the website.

    2. Choose "My Profile" under the "My Options" tab in the upper right hand corner of the page.

    3. Then click 'My Presentations' from the 'About this User' box on the right hand side

    4. Choose your presentation.

    5. Click 'Edit Files' in the upper right hand corner.

    6. Click 'Add' to upload your file, and click 'browse' to find your file.

    7. Under the 'Source Type' dropdown menu, please choose 'White Paper'

    8. The 'Download Options' dropdown menu refers to your session participants and their ability to download your white paper.

    9. Click 'Ok'

    ALTERNATE OPTION- Due February 20, 2017

    As an alternate option to the whitepaper, speakers may choose to create a blog post, video, data set or other material that supports their presentation.

    If you have additional questions about these guidelines, please contact the track reviewers on the IOUG Conference Committee Contact List.

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    Speaker Awards Program Information

    The IOUG Speaker Rewards Program Enters Its Third Year!

    Let us show you how much we appreciate all the work you do for COLLABORATE and the IOUG with our Speaker Rewards program!

    | Click here | for more information


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    Session Room Information
    Each session room will be set with the following equipment:
    • Data Projector (standard)
    • Wired Lavaliere Microphone
    • LCD Projector
    • Screen
    • Wireless Internet (we cannot guarantee a strong signal at all times)

    If you are scheduled to present a hands-on lab, you will be contacted regarding setup.
    Please note: Since the majority of the speakers use their own laptops to run their presentations, computers will NOT be provided. If you are unable to provide your own laptop, please contact Speaker Services at speakers@ioug.org as soon as possible.

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    Frequent Q & A

    If you are a first-time presenter (or even if this is your first-time speaking at an IOUG event) and you need advice or assistance with anything from "Should I attend the Speaker Orientation" to "How many slides should I prepare for my presentation", the Speaker Mentors, along with the rest of the Conference Committee, are here to help.
    Below are some frequently asked questions by first-time speakers:

    How many slides should my presentation include?
    The generally accepted guideline is 1.5 to 2 minutes per slide. Don't forget to allow time for a question and answer period. Your style may be slightly different so the best guideline is to practice your presentation in front of a live audience and time your presentation.

    Any tips for a successful presentation?
    • It is better not to read slides verbatim. Expand on the material.
    • Always repeat any questions. Those in the back probably did not hear it.
    • Watch your time. Set yourself 10 minute goals so you don't end up with 10 slides to cover in 3 minutes.
    • Speak slowly and enunciate carefully.
    • Be positive, be enthusiastic, relax and have fun.

    Will I receive any feedback on my presentation?
    All attendees in your session will be asked to complete an evaluation form. Remind them to complete the form at the end of your presentation. You will be sent the results post-conference.
    In addition, the Speaker Mentor will try to attend as many sessions as possible. If the Mentor attends your session, the Mentor will meet with you immediately after and critique your session.

    Who can I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

    Please feel free to contact Headquarters at speakers@ioug.org or the Speaker Mentors, Ray Smith and/or Paul Bennett at newspeakers@ioug.org at any time with any questions or concerns. Our objective is to make this a successful experience for you in every way.

    As a promise to you, emails sent to speakers@ioug.org will be responded to within the next 24 hours (during regular business hours). Our full SLA can be found here.

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    Add Social Media Functionality to Your Presentation!
    Want to add some interactivity to your presentation?

    Twitter is a great way for participants to contribute to the discussion around your session, capture quotes and pearls of wisdom and keep a dialogue going with you long after the presentation is done.

    The official conference hashtag is #C17LV.
    Want a unique way of taking questions from the audience during your presentation? It is easy to add a live Twitter feed straight into your PPT presentation! Embed the Twitter feed into the last slide of your feed, so you can take questions straight from Twitter. 

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