Pre-Conference Workshops

    On Sunday, April 10, 2016, IOUG offers an extra, comprehensive day of Oracle training complimentary for IOUG Forum attendees. Select which pre-conference workshop you wish to attend during registration. Space is limited! 

    Visualizing Oracle Performance Data with R - Hands-on Lab
    Cloud Attack!
    Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager I Learned at COLLABORATE - Hands-on Lab
    Oracle Certification Master Exam Prep Workshop - Tips and Tricks
    Oracle Database 12c: New Features
    RAC Attack! 


    Visualizing Oracle Performance Data with R - Hands-on Lab

    Speaker: Maxym Kharchenko, Gluent

    A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true during performance problem investigations where a well done graph of the issue can often cut resolution time from hours or days to mere minutes. Oracle database provides a wealth of performance information, but unfortunately only a small part of it is currently visualized by standard tools, such as Enterprise Manager.

    Enter “R”: a well known (and free) statistical analysis and graphing framework that can create relevant and interesting visualizations on pretty much any data.Come to this presentation to learn how with a bit of R knowledge, you can make your ASH, AWR, 10046 trace, listener log etc data come alive.

    Why Graph - 

    • Visual vs numeric pattern recognition: what are humans good at
    • 2 major visualization "applications":
    • Data exploration
    • Presenting evidence

    How to Graph with R - 

    • What is R
    • How to extract data
    • Directly from ORACLE
    • CSV
    • Transforming the data for your graph
    • Basic R concepts: data types, data frames and basic operations
    • Transforming with SQL: sqldf module
    • Plotting a graph
    • ggplot2 library

    What to Graph - 

    • Plot types: time series data, correlation plots, summarized data plots: histograms/boxplots/density curves
    • Immediate eye catchers: ARC log heat map, SQL elapsed time correlation matrix
    • "Graphable" dictionary views: ASH, SQL statistics, segment statistics, system statistics

    Cloud Attack!

    Speakers: Charles Kim, Viscosity North America; Erik Benner, Mythics; Seth Miller, Collier IT; Gustavo Rene Antunez, The Pythian Group; Steve Lemme, Oracle Corporation

    A boot camp designed by Oracle User Community Technology Experts for Oracle Technology Professionals to experience uses of the Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Technology on-premise to accomplish work critical for their businesses and careers.

    Attendees in this session will enhance their skills and job relevancy by gaining new knowledge and skills using the Oracle Public Cloud within their job role through actual use cases and hands on lab work.

     Cloud SIG session leaders will detail how backup to the cloud can be used to meet different needs of their organization and how to justify use of new technology within their business. Learn how to create a storage container, setup OS secure authentication and configure RMAN to use the Oracle Cloud. Perform a backup to the Oracle Cloud and recover from it back to your on-premise server. Learn how to migrate from an on-premise Oracle Database 12c  to a pluggable Oracle Database 12c (PDB) in the Oracle Cloud. Then move a PDB in which Developers have completed their work in the Oracle Cloud back on-premise and into production.

    Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager 13c I Learned at COLLABORATE - Hands-on Lab

    Speakers: Werner De Gruyter; Courtney Llamas; Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman, Oracle Corporation Enterprise Manager Team

    With every release of Enterprise Manager,  we get new features that make setup and configuration that much easier.    The most critical step in deploying Enterprise Manager is getting the architecture and configuration right for your installation and setting up your monitoring framework.    We will discuss the proper architecture, including for high availability, and configuration tips to make your installation stable and scalable.  Then students will get to try out new features such as:

    -         Explore the new UI design and menus

    -         Using custom target properties in dynamic groups

    -         Creating a list of values for a target property

    -         Create a gold agent image

    -         Create a role to restrict database permissions

    -         Creating a tablespace corrective action

    -         Use the new Incident Manager dashboard

    Speakers will also provide steps for beginners on how to promote targets, create monitoring templates, create metric extensions, view metric data and more! 

    Participants will need a laptop and will connect to an image hosted by Oracle.  A recommendation of at least 4G memory and web browser are required to participate in this Hands on Lab.

    Oracle Certification Master Exam Prep Workshop - Tips and Tricks

    Speaker: Roopesh Ramklass, The Pythian Group

    The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) credential is widely regarded as the most sought after Oracle certification. Turbo Boost your career by attending an informative workshop with an official Oracle Press Exam Guide Author that provides an overview of the topics covered in the exams and discusses strategies for exam preparation. Additionally, we discuss the design of a suitable learning environment, answer prerequisite certification requirement questions and provide guidelines for upgrading your certification.

    To maximize your learning in this workshop, please download Oracle Virtualbox as well as the Oracle Database 12c ( Upgrade and Migration hands-on Lab from OTN.Due to licensing restrictions we are not permitted to distribute Oracle software.

    Download Links:

    Link 1
    Link 2

    The workshop will work best on a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM.

    Oracle Database 12c New Features

    Speaker: Daniel Liu, Oracle

    Oracle Database 12c was released in 2013 with hundreds of new and enhanced features that can help customers run their organizations more effectively and efficiently.

    The Multitenant Architecture is one of the most fundamental changes that put the "Cloud" in Database 12c.  It allows organizations to realize much higher levels of database consolidation while realizing lower operational costs by allowing DBAs to administer many database instances with the level of effort required to support one.

    The session will cover new and enhanced features in Oracle database 12c for the following areas: multitenant architecture, in-memory database, data optimization, availability, security, manageability, performance, backup and recovery, Enterprise Manager and more.


    RAC Attack! 12c

    Speakers: The RAC Attack Ninjas

    One of the best ways to learn new technology is with hands-on experience. During this workshop you will have an opportunity to set up Oracle 12c Real Application Cluster environment on your laptop, go through advanced RAC related setup scenarios or work together with other technical geeks on solving RAC related challenges.

    Experienced RAC Attack volunteers (ninjas) will help you address any related issues and guide you through the setup process. Depending on a personal experience participants have four options to choose from:

    1. RAC 12c installation - participants install Oracle Virtualbox, Oracle Linux, Oracle 12c RAC and configure those components to work together.
    2. RAC 12c automated setup - participants setup a Vagrant + Ansible environment and get RAC 12c installed automatically using open-source scripts developed by the community.
    3. RAC 12c advanced tasks - for those who have 12c RAC on their laptops already, the workshop has to offer to go through a set of advanced scenarios. Each scenario focused on a particular RAC 12c features to learn and explorer.
    4. RAC freestyle - several geeks join in groups to work on RAC related challenges

    RAC Attack isn’t just about RAC. During the workshop you learn how to setup one of the most complex infrastructures on your laptop. You learn how to configure and clone virtual machines, how to create and setup internal and external virtual networks, create different storage types, setup a local DNS server and other challenging components.

    After this workshop you have enough knowledge to setup a test/sandbox environment for virtually any product.

    To participate in the workshop, participants need to bring their own laptop. Recommended specification: a) any 64 bit OS that supports Oracle Virtual Box b) 8GB RAM, 45GB free HDD space, SSD recommended.

    IMPORANT NOTE: it's required to pre-download Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c for Linux x86-64 from the Oracle Website (four files:;;; Due to license restrictions, it will not possible to distribute this Oracle software at the session.




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