Conference Themes

    Though our members all come from organizations of different sizes and with many different vendors, products and setups, there are several technical skills and business challenges all Oracle technologists face. Through our Conference Themes, IOUG helps users identify groups of sessions that will provide an in-depth, organized approach to learning new skills, addressing misconceptions and gaining real-world experience that they can apply immediately back in the office.

    Speakers are encouraged to choose up to three themes for their submissions; this will help our Conference Committee to identify critical content, and for our attendees to easily justify their attendance at COLLABORATE. 

    Database in the Cloud - While the Oracle Database features are the same whether you're on-premises or in the cloud, Data Professionals who work in hybrid cloud environments face a new set of considerations, and new responsibilities that go beyond the boundaries of traditional data management. This track will cover the specific needs of Data Professionals in public and hybrid cloud environments.

    Key Topics:

    • Oracle Database Cloud Service (Schema, DB, Metal, Exadata)
    • DBaas
    • IaaS
    • Oracle Cloud Machine
    • Oracle Managment Cloud
    Big Data & Analytics Learn how organizations are using Big Data & Analytics to transform their operations and sustain their competitive advantage, addressing the challenges of managing rapid growth for data storage and availability,and how analytics are enabling organizations to function more efficiently. You'll hear how other users are proactively using customer data to create opportunities, what how to make better, Big Data-driven decisions.

    Key Topics: 

    • Big Data
    • NoSQL Databases
    • Data Warehouse
    • Data Analytics
    • Data Visualization
    • Data modeling
    • System architecture 

    Oracle Database - The Oracle Database is fascinating and constantly evolving. The marketplace continues on a pace of rapid change, encouraging us to grow and move into new and uncharted areas. Whether you have just started on your journey into the Oracle ecosystem or are many years along your way, there is always more to learn when deepening your understanding and widening your breath of knowledge. This track is designed to help take DBAs and other Data Professionals to the next level, keeping them abreast of the latest changes and empowering them to be able to successfully manage the biggest and most complicated Oracle systems in the world.

      Key Topics:

    • Database Internals
    • Upgrades and Migration
    • Performance
    • HA/DR/Recovery
    • Security
    • New Features
    • System Management (OMC)

    Developer ToolsDeveloping software has become a maze of possibilities. Scores of languages, balancing between web, mobile, client-server and the emergence of ChatBot applications. Multitudes of deployment options including physical, virtual, containers, and cloud.  All working with new development methodologies such as DevOps, Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD), as well as agile and waterfall.  What will give you the edge to create successful applications?  PL/SQL, SQL, Python, Object Store, NOSQL, JSON, HTML5, XML, GO!  This track covers the topics that surround the development and deployment of your applications.

    Key Topics:

    •  Data Modeling
    • PL/SQL Development
    • DevOps
    • Development Fundamentals
    • Development Tools
    • Design Fundamentals
    • Code Management
    • Web Center

    The Evolution of the Technical Professional - It’s not enough these days to just know how to tune a database or build a Web page. You need to have all the skills to stand out in the sea of IT professionals and to move ahead. Skills like risk analysis, project management, determining return on investment, resolving conflicts and team building are just as valuable in the work place. This focus area highlights the other professional and personal skills you need to get ahead and to advance your career.

      Key Topics: 

    • Prepare for your next Role  
    • Grow your Role
    • New to IT
    • Working with Others
    • Networking for success




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