IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 17

    COLLABORATE 17 - IOUG Forum Virtual Conference

    Can’t make it to COLLABORATE this year but still need to access user-focused education on Oracle technologies? Join us for the IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 17, a virtual group training approach that offers your organization more than 42 sessions of focused training to meet your organization's business needs at a cost-effective price. 

    For $199, IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 17 attendees will be able to choose to attend sessions from the two most highly rated tracks: Upgrading to Oracle Database 12cR2 and Health Checks for Oracle Databases. You will not only be able to watch any of the webinars but also receive recordings.The $295 bonus package will give you an additional set of recordings captured from other tracks of the live event in Las Vegas.

    Virtually participate in live sessions led by Oracle expert users, consultants and key engineers and even ask questions of the speakers as if you were in the room!

    [ Download the Virtual Forum Schedule Here ]

    What the IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 17 Means for Your Organization

    • Group training* that provides your team with an unlimited number of seats to access the best in Oracle education without the associated travel and lodging expenses of physically attending the conference in Las Vegas
    • Virtual interaction with a wide range of speakers and subject matter experts
    • Selection of over 42 sessions of live, quality streaming content (selected by popular choice) that run concurrently throughout the main event
    • Choice across two themes for the IOUG Virtual Forum @ COLLABORATE 17: Upgrading to Oracle Database 12cR2 and Health Checks for Oracle Databases
    • Unlimited on-demand access to the recorded video/audio proceedings after the event is over

     * While group set-up provides the highest return on investment, virtual access can also be set-up at the individual level.

    How It Works

    • Register for your group seat license.
    • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation along with detailed instructions on virtual set-up.
    • Any time before the event, you and/or your team member(s) select the session curriculum from the virtual program.**
    • While you and/or your team member(s) can access the virtual program individually, it is recommended that you reserve a conference room or specific location prior to the event for the highest return on investment and engagement among the team. 

      ** Note: Sessions range from 30-minute and one-hour sessions.

    Justify Your Attendance

    We want to make it as simple as possible for you to attend the IOUG Virtual Forum.

    Please download the Justification Letter for the IOUG Virtual Forum, personalize the letter with your specific business case and send it to the proper decision maker to gain approval. 

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    Upgrading to Oracle Database 12cR2 Highlights

    Highlighted Upgrading to Oracle Database 12cR2 Sessions

    RMAN and Oracle 12c Multitenant - What You Should Know  

    Anton Els, Dbvisit Software Ltd


    RMAN as most know it, is one of the most important utilities in a DBAs arsenal. In earlier releases it is fair to say that occasionally it did create havoc and some DBA's were afraid to use it. Is it too complex? “Backup database” - does not look to complex does it?

    In this session we will take a detail look at key aspecs of Oracle Database 12c  backup and recovery with specific focus on RMAN when the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant options is used.

    The Best Oracle Database 12c & 12cR2 Tuning Features

     Rich Niemiec, TEC

    This presentation will look at which 12c new features should be investigated for use.  Most of the features that will be covered will be related to the DBA, but there will also be a few outside that realm that focus on the developer.  There will be simple examples (such as a quick example using pluggable databases) to show the basic functionality of the new features

    Don't Let Your Cloud Rain on Your Parade   

    Paul Dorsey and Michael Rosenblum, Dulcian, Inc.

    Clouds are receiving hype as being the “next big thing.” However, dealing with clouds is not all sunshine. Depending upon the selected solutions, you may actually end up spending more money compared to a more traditional approach. 


    View all sessions in the Upgrading to Oracle Database 12cR2 track.

    Health Checks for Oracle Databases Highlights

    Highlighted Health Checks for Oracle Databases Sessions

    Under the Hood of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 12c Release 2           

    Markus Michalewicz, Oracle



    In this session, you will learn about the inner workings and features of the latest generation of Oracle RAC and how they can improve database deployments on generic systems as well as Oracle’s Engineered Systems. You will see, how those improvements can be used to provide better scalability, ensure higher availability and simplify the management of Database as a Service (DBaaS) or private database cloud environments. In short, this session will provide you with all the knowledge and tools enabling you to easily and successfully manage an Oracle RAC 12c Release 2 system in any environment.

    Bullet Proof Your Data Guard 12c Environment       

    Charles Kim, Viscosity North America

    Attendees will learn what is new in Oracle Data Guard 12.2. In addition to demonstrating how simple it is to setup Data Guard, this session will disseminate fundamental Data Guard best practices and reference architectures that DBAs need to know to protect their Oracle ecosystem.  The author of the Oracle Data Guard Handbook will demonstrate how DBAs should setup, configure, and monitor mission critical Data Guard environments (including Active Data Guard)

    Linux/UNIX Tools For Oracle DBAs Lecture  

    Tim Gorman, Delphix

    Many database administrators are enslaved by their consoles, completely dependent on GUI-based database management tools not only for modifications but for all diagnostics.

    This session is about breaking away from that trap, getting into the Linux/UNIX shell, and finding out what is really going on within the operating system. It explores the basic architecture of Oracle Database and the TNS Listener within a Linux, AIX, Oracle Solaris, or HP-UX environment and demonstrates the command line tools of the operating-system used in displaying operating system processes and structures.

    View all sessions in the Health Checks for Oracle Databases track.

    *** Please note that all sessions are subject to change. 

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