Mobility at COLLABORATE 16

    User expectations have increased dramatically when it comes to making sure that they have 24/7, intuitive and customizable access to their information; how can you ensure you are meeting their extensive "want" lists? Sessions in this track will focus on providing a complete approach to user experience, including your enterprise mobile solution(s). Topics include design philosophy, and building or customizing your application and cloud UX.

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    Highlighted Conference Sessions

    Integration Oracle JET with ADF to Create a Modern and Engaging User Experience

    John Sim, Fishbowl Solutions

    In this session you will learn about Oracles new JET framework and ADF - the pros and cons of these frameworks and how we can combine them to create a modern development experience writing Modular Single Page Applications. 

    Come hear how frontend designers can create modern extendable interfaces with JET that can be platform agnostic, and how developers create ADF integrations and extendable services with the backend to serve up small data snippets (JSON). 

    We will also:

    • Discuss the benefits of this approach and how it can make an ADF application perform better.
    • Show you how easily you can create additional UI components to enhance the UX with JET. 

    During the presentation there will be demos and example code previews of how Fishbowl Solutions uses JET and ADF today to create interactive and modern UXs that are supported across devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) with Touch enabled interactions and custom JET UI Components that we have written.

    Working with Oracle Mobile Cloud Services (MCS) 

    Marcus Neubauer, Silbury IT Solutions

    Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) is a powerful Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS). MCS provides the services you need to establish an enterprise mobile stragegy, including tools for non-technical users to analyze and track the usage of the services.

    In our session we will provide an overview of Mobile Cloud Service and talk about the following topics:

    • What is Mobile Cloud Service?
    • Why should I choose Mobile Cloud Service?
    • Who benefits from Mobile Cloud Service?
    • What APIs does Mobile Cloud Service provide?
    • How do I define custom APIs?
    • What about security?

    During our live demonstrating we will walk through the Mobile Cloud Service to provide a first impression of the powerful MBaaS.





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