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    Though our members all come from organizations of different sizes and with many different vendors, products and setups, there are several technical skills and business challenges all Oracle technologists face. Through our Conference Themes, IOUG helps users identify groups of sessions that will provide an in-depth, organized approach to learning new skills, addressing misconceptions and gaining real-world experience that they can apply immediately back in the office.

    Speakers are encouraged to choose up to three themes for their submissions; this will help our Conference Committee to identify critical content, and for our attendees to easily justify their attendance at COLLABORATE. 

    • Oracle Fundamentals - Across all parts of the Oracle stack, there are some skills and concepts that are "table stakes" for any technologists. Sessions identified as Fundamentals will lay down the foundational concepts like how to create an Oracle database, how to install and implement OEM, creating backups, managing downtime, and critical security concerns. This is no "101" level offering; every Oracle professional should take advantage of Oracle Fundamentals.
    • Database
      • Keeping Your Database Up and Running - Even with all of the automated features available in Oracle Database 12c, there is still plenty of work to keep a DBA busy every day just around keeping your database(s) in service. Sessions with this theme address core daily activities and planning like addressing availability concerns, protecting your data (from internal and external threats), disaster recovery and more.
      • Making Your Environment Run Smooth - Once your database is up and running, the next question is "could it be faster?" Maybe you have an I/O latency issue, or one of your queries is seriously lagging. Whatever the performance issue, these sessions will help you identify and break through performance barriers, and ensure that you are able to be proactive in avoiding these issues in the future.
      • Oracle Database New Features - At this point, everyone knows that Oracle Database 12c is available and includes several important new features. The question is: are they important for you? Sessions in this track will cover what has changed for 12c, what migrating/upgrading to 12c will take, and what you should expect to change once you have made the switch. 
    • Essential Non-technical Skills - Your abilities as an Oracle technology professional got you the job, but it's your non-technical skills that will set you apart and make you an indispensable asset to your organization. These sessions cover topics like presentation skills, social media savvy and project management.
    • Getting OEM Up and Running - Whether you've worked with OEM since the days of grid control or are a cloud convert, you can't argue that the ability to manage and monitor all of your systems is a powerful tool and a critical organizational tool. Help bring the power of Enterprise Manager to your organization by learning how to implement OEM, understand management agents, set up targets and metrics, and tune queries for optimal performance. 
    • Middleware Technologies - Oracle's Fusion Middleware suite is one of the most useful and misunderstood set up tools available to Oracle technologists. Encompassing processes and products like Application Server, BPM, data integration, identity management, SOA, WebLogic and of course, Cloud, sessions with this focus should help to address how to create a seamless customer experience, address complex infrastructure concerns, and ensure secure, fast and accurate information sharing across all systems.
    • Planning Your Career - You've secured the job you want, at the organization you want to work for - now what? Whether your goal is to secure the corner office, the coolest project or the most flexible work schedule, you need to have a plan for how you will continue to make yourself an indispensable asset, and also position yourself for the right opportunities. These sessions will help attendees determine what kind of steps they want to take in their career, offer ideas on how to get their, and share the stories of other successful Oracle professionals.
    • Programming Outside the Database - Believe it or not, there's more to programming than PL/SQL. The rapid expansion of mobile development means that a whole host of programming languages are now integrated into the Oracle stack. Sessions with this theme will help users develop an understanding of and test their fluency in languages like JSON, APEX, PL/SQL, Java, and models like Map Reduce.
    • The Technical Side of Business Intelligence - With all the buzz around Big Data and real-time analytics, a great deal of attention is being given to BI applications, but all of these applications are useless without a strong underlying structure for collecting, storing and accessing your data. Sessions with this theme will cover topics like data warehousing, reporting, analysis, modeling, spatial and data mining.
    • Undertaking and Using Big Data - Big Data has grown from a buzzword to big business(challenges) in the last five years. Intended to help users understand the tools, technologies and requirements of Big Data, this theme covers topics like Hadoop, NoSQL, appliances, storage, analytics, integration tools and more.
    • WebCenter - Oracle's primary suite of user engagement software fills a unique role in many organizations, and the individuals who support it tend to have a unique role. Covering WebCenter Content, Sites and Portal, this theme is for anyone focused on enterprise content management.
    • What DBAs Need to Know about Programming - With the explosion in applications that need to reference the Oracle Database, the need for strong development skills has never been more critical. Sessions with this theme will focus on how to provide database access using PL/SQL, APEX, and SQL Developer.
    • What Kind of Cloud Is Right for You? - It seems like the term "cloud" gets applied to just about everything technology-related these days, but what does cloud really mean for Oracle users? Sessions with this theme will help users: understand the difference between public, private and hybrid clouds, as well as when they should be used: learn how to set up and manage their own clouds; and understand the role of virtualization in cloud computing.

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