#IOUGenius Certificates

    Each set of certificate sessions has been selected by the IOUG Conference Committee to provide a comprehensive overview of skills, techniques and insights that will be critical for Oracle database and technology professionals.

    How to Earn Your Certificate

    • Choose a certificate that benefits you and your company the most.
    • Find eligible sessions on your mobile app device by using the hashtags below.
    • “Check-in” to 3+ sessions on your mobile app.
    • Email us at speakers@ioug.org to receive your #IOUGenius e-certificate(s).
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    Available Certificates

    Certificate Name

    Eligible Sessions 

    Future Proofing Your Enterprise 

    Covers emerging technologies like IoT, Big Data and how they impact the Enterprise - Sessions on BD, IoT, and Cloud architectures.


    132 - Oracle and BigData. Working together, or There and Back again.

    807 - Using R for Data Profiling

    273 - Innovation, the Oracle Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things

    499 - NoSQL vs Oracle - Under the covers: Cassandra

    Readiness for Database Upgrades

    Preparing for database 12c upgrades, new features and best practices for 12c - Sessions on migration best practices, experiences and. Ew features unique to 12c.


    825 - IOUG Pre-Conference Workshop: Oracle Database 12c New Features (Pre-Registration Required Through IOUG)

    823 - Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c: Hands On Lab

    753 - RMAN and Oracle 12c Multitenant - what you should know

    518 - Oracle 12c R2 Expert Panel

    488 - Oracle Database 12c New Features for Developers and DBAs

    236 - Adapting to Adaptive Plans on 12c

    The Cloud

    Preparing users on how to take advantage of the OPC, not just Database. Also focuses on Java in the cloud, monitoring and more.


    779 - Oracle VM, OEM13c and Cloud Computing - Expert Panel

    711 - Cloud Experience – To the Cloud and Back - Hands on Workshop

    672 - Migrating Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

    633 - Beam Me Up To The Cloud Scottie! A Story In Cloud Migration

    422 - Oracle Compute Cloud vs. Amazon Web Services EC2 – A Hands-On Showdown

    260 - Strategies for Hybrid Cloud Enablement with Oracle Linux OpenStack

    149 - Database Patching and Upgrading Using Virtualization

    Data Migration and Security

    Having bad data is often worse than no data. Attend these sessions to learn how to move and secure your data.


    316 - Data Streaming and Analytic Microservices

    323 - Oracle GoldenGate 101 – Replication from The Beginning

    459 - Auditing, Reporting and Alerting made easy with Oracle Audit Vault, and lessons learned

    386 - Conquering Large Scale Unicode Migrations Using Oracle's Data Migration Utility (DMU)

    Back-up Expert

    Data is critical, and loosing data leads to a bad day. Prove you have what it takes to save the data!


    123 - Your RMAN repository, time to clean it up.

    184 - Securing Your DBA Monitoring & Backup Scripts

    271 - Next-Generation Backup and Recovery Using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN): Best Practices

    439 - Use the Oracle Logminer to protect your data and move to the Cloud

    233 - RMAN in Oracle Database 12c - Top New Features

    764 - Cloud Backup and Recovery Tips and Tricks

    Developing Better Operations

    Developers and adminstrators working together! Learn how it works better than than the old model of silos and pillars.



    331 - Utilizing containers to simplify your Oracle DevOps

    415 - Developer’s Approach to Code Management

    608 - Pick a Winner! In What Language Should I Develop my Next app?

    610 - Understanding Your Linux Administrator: A Very Frank Discussion

    343 - Why Developers Need to Think Like DBAs, Why DBAs Need to Think Like Developers

    213 - DevOps Automation for Oracle Database in the Cloud

    321 - Oracle RAC and Docker: The Why and How

    Is Your System Up?

    How to best monitor your database systems.


    795 - Get OEM to prove to management that you are a DBA Rockstar

    192 - Oracle Enterprise Manager HA and DR Revealed

    282 - Where did my day go?: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c/13c Administration

    742 - Seeing Is Believing - Oracle And Enterprise Visual Monitoring Using Open Source Graphite

    Database Performance Expert

    How is your database performing? What can you do to make it go faster and use fewer resources?


    194 - Maximizing Join and Sort Performance - A Case Study

    140 - Tips and Best Practices for DBAs

    235 - Full Table Scan: Friend or Foe?

    663 - Need for Speed: Top Five Oracle Performance Tuning Tips

    236 - Adapting to Adaptive Plans on 12c

    658 - Do you lack stability in your life?  Especially with it comes to Oracle Execution Plans?   

    531 - Anomalies: Prevention, Detection and Diagnosis with OraChk and TFA 



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