#IOUGenius Certificates

    Each set of certificate sessions has been selected by the IOUG Conference Committee to provide a comprehensive overview of skills, techniques and insights that will be critical for Oracle database and technology professionals.

    How to Earn Your Certificate

    • Choose a certificate that benefits you and your company the most.
    • Find eligible sessions on your mobile app device by using the hashtags below.
    • “Check-in” to 3+ sessions on your mobile app.
    • Email us at speakers@ioug.org to receive your #IOUGenius e-certificate(s).
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    Available Certificates

    Certificate Name

    Eligible Sessions 

    Answers from Big Data & Analytics 


    • 1531 "The age of Big Data: Big Data for Oracle Database Professionals" Tom Reddy – dataREDDY
    • 1293 "Through O Shaped Glasses: Introducing Kafka to the Oracle DBA" Mike Donovan - Dbvisit Software
    • 1619 "Leveraging Advanced SQL for Analytics" Michelle Kolbe - Red Pill Analytics
    • 1355 "Hadoop for the Oracle Professional" Michael Rainey - Gluent Inc
    • 1316 "Understanding Analytics" Arian Stijf – Arven
    • 1539 "Getting from Answers/Dashboards to Data Visualization" Dan Vlamis - Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
    • 1204 "Empowering Every Data in the Cloud" Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
    • 1110 "Leveraging Partitioned External Tables: Primer and Practical Examples" James Czuprynski – ViON


    Taking Your Data Skillset to the Cloud



    • 1301 "Disaster Recovery in the Cloud is knocking on the door – will you let it in?" Anton Els - Dbvisit Software Ltd
    • 1400 "Working with Oracle 12c databases in the Oracle Cloud" Mark Kurtz - Quest Software
    • 1610 "1,2,3 and Done! 3 ways to migrate to the cloud!" Francisco Munoz Alvarez - Data Intensity
    • 1666 "Database Security in the Clouds" Michael Miller - Integrigy Corporation
    • 1144 "Tips and Tricks to Effectively Use the Oracle 12c Database Operation Monitor on Cloud and On-prem" Kasey Parker - Centroid Systems
    • 1575 "AWS, Azure and Oracle, the battle of the clouds" Anton Els - Dbvisit Software Ltd
    • 1565 "Networking in the Cloud for the DBAs" Arup Nanda – Proligence
    • 1441 "Under the hood of Oracle Database Cloud Service for Oracle DBAs" Kai Yu - Dell EMC


    Database Techology Basics



    • 1164 "Oracle Net troubleshooting for DBA’s" Jared Still - The Pythian Group
    • 1312 "Undo and Redo Lots to Do" Arian Stijf – Arven
    • 1580 "Linux/UNIX Tools For Oracle DBAs" Tim Gorman – Delphix
    • 1490 "Interpreting database metric data, or how to sound like an expert DBA" Gary Gordhamer – Extreme Scale Solutions
    • 1329 "RAC and Data Guard (with or without Engineered Systems) - Practical Tips for Management Success" Simon Pane – Pythian
    • 1568 "Oracle Database Networking Basics" Eric Siglin - Electric Reliabilty Council of Texas
    • 1190 "Survival Tips for an Oracle DBA inside the Mysql World!" Nisha Riyaj – UCI
    • 1113 "Oracle 12.2 - My Favorite Top 5 New or Improved Features " Janis Griffin – SolarWinds


    Database Technology Advanced Concepts



    • 1126 "Oracle Wallet Tips & Tricks" Ken Wolff - Lockheed Martin 
    • 1515 "Replicating Oracle data in real-time - The 3 fundamental principles of Oracle replication" Arjen Visser - Dbvisit Software Limited
    • 1679 "Taking ASH Analysis To The Next Level - Plan Change and Parsing Detection/Analysis" Craig Shallahamer - OraPub, Inc.
    • 1127 "ASM Internals - What You Need to Know" Jared Still - The Pythian Group
    • 1563 "Improve Application Resiliency with Oracle Database 12c RAC and Universal Connection Pool (UCP)" Eric Siglin - Electric Reliabilty Council of Texas
    • 1160 "Database Encryption and its Impact on Performance" Paul Matuszyk - ONT Solutions Sp. z o.o.
    • 1139 "Reverse Engineering and Leveraging the Advisor Framework for Performance Tuning" Roger Cornejo - GlaxoSmithKline

    Development and DevOps



    • 1501 "rest-db-links - access Oracle Databases in the Cloud using ORDS, REST & JSON" Robert Marz - its-people GmbH
    • 1203 "Unduly Forgotten Performance Tuning Hero: PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler" Michael Rosenblum - Dulcian Inc
    • 1591 "Buzzword Bingo -- What does DevOps, IaaS, PaaS, CI/CD mean for the Oracle DBA?" Kirby McCord - U.S. Cellular
    • 1399 "Utilizing containers to simplify your Oracle DevOps (#IOUGeniusOps)" Roger Lopez - Red Hat Inc
    • 1482 "Docker QA testing - What works and what does not." Martin Knazovicky – Dbvisit
    • 1282 "I've Looked at Cloud From Both Sides Now: DevOps in Oracle Developer Cloud Service" Peter Koletzke
    • 1643 "Timecards and Timekeeping in Five Acts:  Microapps in APEX for Web, Desktop, Slack, SMS, and Voice" Jerry Ward - Viscosity North America


    Evolving Your Leadership




    • 1286 "The DBA as Linchpin, Not Roadblock. Fast Track Your Career in 60 Minutes." Mike Donovan - Dbvisit Software
    • 1691 "Creating Presentations People Love And You Enjoy Giving" Craig Shallahamer - OraPub, Inc.
    • 1626 "My top 5 tools to improve any DBA career" Francisco Munoz Alvarez - Data Intensity
    • 1416 "Toastmasters for the Oracle DBA" Robert Durrett - US Foods
    • 1548 "From 1990 to 2018, a short course in user group volunteerism and inevitable career growth" Mark Farnham - Rightsizing, Inc.
    • 1672 "Unlocking the Jedi" Opal Alapat - interRel Consulting
    • 1270 "The Joys of Remote Teamwork - Perspectives from a team manager and member" Roopesh Ramklass - The Pythian Group






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